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Hey now,

I write an e-mail every week telling people what is going on in and around the area.  
It is not a "just the facts" e-mail, so if you don't like long e-mails, be forewarned.  
I never meant the e-mails to be just an advertisement.  They are meant to be a forum
for discussion, as is the message board on this site.  I write the e-mails myself, so if you
ever want off, just let me know.  Topics discussed include The Ordinary Way,
Radio Mosaic, Sugar Jones, Plaid Iguana Project, FSA events, music in general,
and a large amount of other ramblings.  
Write back if something speaks to you.  Say hello.  Disagree.  Agree.  
The only way to change our world is to discuss it, no matter how you feel.  
Thanks for taking the time to stop by our site, and I hope to see you soon..


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