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Laidback  is a band that produces a distinctive sound that blends rock, jazz, and funk, but still has the ability to appeal to the popular ear. The band is comprised of four members, all with diverse backgrounds in music and taste, which lends to their well-balanced style. They have defined themselves through live performance, often improvising songs; they are guaranteed to captivate any audience.

As is often the case, Laidback seems to have come out of nowhere. After honing their chops by playing their local markets in Virginia, they are now looking to expand their base regionally.

They have already garnered attention by drawing great numbers to The State Theatre in Falls Church, VA, as well as earning a slot at Sunshine Daydream Campground, past home of The All Good Festival, The Recipe Family Cookout, Higher Ground Festival, and The Apollo Gathering. In addition, their weekly residency at Fat Tuesday's in Fairfax, VA continues to grow both musically and in attendance.  Recent shows include dates with Robert Bradley's Blackwater Suprise, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Odyssey, The Bridge, and Ray's Music Exchange.

Their debut album, "The Birdfoot Sessions", was recently released, and is one of those albums that you can hear right away has to potential to make it all the way. With radio friendly songs like "You", "Breaking Point", and the right combination of rock and jam, Laidback is striving to break down the barriers that have held others back in the fray.



"The Ordinary Way is anything but ordinary. This septuplet, which formed close to five years ago, has a joyous sound that draws from multiple sources with strong underlying world beat element. The most enticing aspect of its music is the danceable quality and good-time feel." (Mick Skidmore, Relix Magazine Nov. 2001)

In early 2002, Bill Wright of Road Trippin' on WRNR Radio (Annapolis, MD) voted Death and Taxes number 15 on "Road Trippin Top 30 Albums of 2001".

"They’ve got the touch. With that stellar lineup you can expect that they can really break it all out live and that is what blows me away about this album; they have captured something so profound I am completely awestruck. They will have a long prosperous future down that road. I’m not letting anyone touch this disc!"

- The Wollan Report by Laurin Wollan in the October 2001 issue of Music Monthly, a MD/VA newspaper that has been covering local music for more than 15 years.